Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Tea Party #53 that is where the action is..mmtpt53
I made this card for the tea party in Hershey Park. I wanted to shine a little light and bring a little love.
Rose is having fun in Hershey Park and is amazed with the beautiful hotel. The Spa has a choc facial. Well you know Rose was on the list for that. Once Bertie heard about the choc facial..she wanted in also.....but she thought as they were putting the choc on her face..she was licking it off...NO Bertie...its a choc facial.....LOL...
The Hershey Park is a beautiful Amusement Park and also a water Park and a choc factory...mmmm good.
Getting to the party so late...I missed the fireworks and the laser light show...but MariLynn told me all about it and also why all the lights were card brings a little sunshine also. Do I use the back door???
The two little poka dotted butterflies are a surprise for MotherMark

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  1. How did I miss this card? This is so sweet and a perfect tea party card!!! I love those chocolate heart drops and I know Cindy must've loved the polka dotted butterflies. Great card!